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General Knowledge Of Nature Stone
NEWS02 Mar 2022

Q: What is granite?
A: Granite is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. The content of feldspar is 40% - 60%, and the content of quartz is 20% - 40%. Its color depends on the type and quantity of components. Granite is a rock with fully crystalline structure. High quality granite has fine and uniform grains, compact structure, large content of quartz and bright luster of feldspar.

Q: What are the characteristics of granite?
A: Hard texture, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good strength, not easy to be damaged, large proportion, uniform and regular color and pattern, weak water absorption, not easy to bond, difficult to process and good gloss.

Q: How to use granite generally?
A: The use of granite is divided according to the grain size: those with small grains can be polished or carved as decorative plates or works of art; Medium grain size is commonly used in the construction of piers, bridge arches, dams, seaports, footings, foundations, pavements, etc; The coarse grain is rolled into crushed stone, which is an excellent aggregate for concrete. Because granite is acid resistant, it is also used as acid resistant lining and container in chemical and metallurgical production.

Q: Is granite suitable for outdoor use?
A: When used for outdoor building decoration, it needs to withstand long-term wind, rain and sun. Granite is suitable for granite because it does not contain carbonate, has low water absorption and strong resistance to weathering and acid rain.